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With BizFleets’ preventative maintenance programs, you can say goodbye to unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Our customized maintenance plans and data-informed fleet insight tools are tailored to your fleet's unique needs, helping you stay ahead of potential issues and keep your vehicles and equipment running smoothly. Partner with us for proactive maintenance solutions that provide peace of mind and maximize the longevity of your fleet assets.


From routine inspections to major repairs, we offer a full spectrum of maintenance services to keep your fleet in top condition, with programs designed to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Comprehensive Fleet Solutions with BizFleets

BizFleets offers a full suite of comprehensive fleet solutions. Our customized, data-driven approaches ensure your fleet operates smoothly, efficiently, and economically.


Managing titling and registration renewals for your company vehicles can be time-consuming and complex. Let us assist you. Our title and registration program handles everything, eliminating hassles for you and wait times for your drivers
Our team understands the intricacies of state and local regulations, helping you to navigate the process efficiently and avoid potential pitfalls. BizFleets is here to provide customized solutions that fit your requirements. We offer flexible services designed to accommodate the diverse needs of your fleet, with the vehicle paperwork accessible for drivers through our mobile-friendly software. 


BizFleets’ fuel and EV charging management services bring convenience, confidence, and security to all involved with your fleet.
BizFleets' industry-leading software provides fleet managers an easy-to-access tool with the ability to track and manage fuel expenses in real-time, allowing for better insights into fuel usage and expenditures.

From convenient access to a nationwide network of fueling stations to competitive pricing and discounts, our fuel cards are designed to help both drivers and fleet managers save time and money on their fueling services.
Our comprehensive approach provides proactive consulting to identify and manage the best-fit product for your specific needs. Whether you require full program administration or simple data solutions, we've got you covered. Data without action is just data. We turn data into meaningful and actionable intelligence to significantly enhance your vehicle and driver performance. Our programs offer valuable insights to help you reduce emissions, fuel costs, operating costs, and more, while improving driver safety, service response times, and vehicle health. Our connectivity solutions deliver more accurate, real-time data, enabling deeper analysis and elevating your fleet's performance to new heights.


BizFleets' telematics services provide valuable insights into your fleet operations, allowing you to drive efficiency, promote safety, and optimize performance. Experience the power of telematics with BizFleets.


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