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Our comprehensive software solution helps you significantly minimize costs

Streamline your access and systems with BizFleets, which consolidates all your data into a single, unified platform.

Aggregate all of your fleet data and operations into one, intuitive, system

Upgrade from using multiple disconnected providers to a single centralized data solution.

Own all historical records in one place using our ‘electronic document vault’ functionality.

Eliminate manual reporting with our customized reporting and dashboards for all your fleet KPIs

Manage vehicles from Ordering to Disposal and everything in between

Personalized fleet reports reveal opportunities for cost–savings and optimizing total cost of ownership

Our fleet insights alert users towards preventative maintenance, vehicles to be replaced, and driver data that come together to reduce total costs.

EV-Forward, industry leading technology system that can be navigated with a simple click of a button

BizFleets is leading the charge for EV fleet management services for customers in the government, university and commercial space. We handle every aspect of your fleet’s ICE to EV transition, including total cost of ownership analysis, charging infrastructure development, and custom fleet analysis. No matter where you are on your electrification journey, BizFleets is here to help ensure a smooth transition.

​Tailored solutions for every customer

Never relying on a one-size-fits-all solution, BizFleets takes the time to uncover your specific needs. We create a management program that is tailored to you.


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